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Landscaping for the Private and Commercial Sectors Leading The Way In Landscape Since 1980

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Landscaping for the Private and Commercial Sectors Leading The Way In Landscape Since 1980


Landscaping for the Private and Commercial Sectors Leading The Way In Landscape Since 1980


About Fourseasons…..

Four Seasons was established in 1980 with a £1000.00 Enterprise Allowance from Mrs Thatcher and we are still here.

l10Over the past number of years we have grown at a steady and stable rate which we believe is the way forward not boom and bust. We want to be around for you and our new clients for a long time to come. Annual turnover has risen steadily since 1980 and it looks very good moving into the coming year and with your help we will succeed I am sure as other years have proven. The team are well trained and hard working we have been together from the start and I think I can speak for all of us it has been a great adventure to date but we are not finished yet. In the year ahead we expect to move forward in all aspects of landscape with new vigour understanding of your needs the client.

We have worked in and around the West Midlands since 1980 but also in Telford, Manchester, Liverpool, London, France and Marbella. We’re yet to make it across the pond to work anyway!

In our home town we are sought after and respected, and at least six of our clients have been with us from the start and have supported us all the way. Some of their works appear in the buttons above ( thanks to you ).

My name is Paul Farnell, 52 years of age and counting!, the founder of Four Seasons Landscapes. I left Codsall High School at 16 years of age and started my first job at Codsall and Wergs Garden Centre on a three year apprenticeship where I learnt the skills of the trade. Firstly in the private sector, new and old developments, this entailed some gardens from scratch and some from overgrown plots. My mentor for this period was a man called Charlie Head. He and he alone taught me well. Then to sight works, hard and soft landscaping i.e., reading plans for planting trees and shrubs, top soiling, turfing etc. Then Codsall and Wergs stopped all landscape works and concentrated on the sole trade of the Garden Centre which left me without work, so only one thing for it

The seed was sown and Four Seasons Landscapes was born.


Our Mission
At Four Seasons we believe that Quality is the most important thing to strive for in the industry. All our work is carried out to and above normal standards expected from the average landscaper in today’s climate.

Therefore number one is the satisfaction of clients and customers we carry out works for, and to date we have achieved that goal in 100% of all works and still moving forward in the field!

We have the ability and relevant experience to provide a complete service, if required, from initial design concepts, through implementation of landscaping and ultimately the provision of ongoing maintenance and support of the end works. All planting stock and materials are sourced from accredited suppliers.

We have procedures in place to ensure that clients can, if they wish, inspect all materials prior to site delivery. In some cases we will fly you to hand pick your extra special specimen shrubs from a vast European stock and then have them flown back home to your front door and then planted within a fortnight of your return.